Monday, September 11, 2006


Recently, an egyptian professor at the University of El Cairo, was busy translating an italian book. He wasnt able to translate two words that he could not find in the arab language.

The first one was the word: "realism". He said that the roots of the arabian word for "realism" is "falling from the sky". He also said: "Since the events of the daily life are 'falling from the sky', men dont have any alternative if not to accept whatever it comes, good or bad. This way, men are not free in their relationship with the reality".

The other word he could not find any translation was "reason". In the arabian language, the only thing he could find was "to tie, to emprison, to close within".

"Realism, reason" are part of the elementary experience of man. You can't do it without it.

Those are things to think about it, in a day like this - even if my blog, for some obscure and mysterious reasons, is dating my post one day before, on the 10th of September -, five years later.


Fausto Leali said...

Dear Paolo,
that professor was translating Don Giussani’s book “From the utopia to the presence” and also ended saying “This book open new horizons to the Arabian world and starts proceedings to the creation of a real dialogue between the cultures. Regaining the elementary experience, the men will find the mutual language to understand each other”.

The Egyptian professor spoke in Rimini at the Meeting of Communion And Liberation that has this title “Reason is the need for the infinite and culminates in the longing for and the presentiment of this infinite becoming manifest”.

Infinity is the word I want to keep, while posting my comment to your blog, just the day after, the 12 of September.

All the best,


Paolo Vites said...


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