Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Pinturicchio dei mie c......

ci ha già fatto perdere un europeo e un mondiale, ieri ci stava facendo perdere il secondo mondiale.

Per il primo tempo abbiamo giocato in dieci con lui in campo; espulso Materazzi eravamo in nove. Meno male che è entrato er pupone.. Pinturicchio avrebbe sbagliato anche il rigore.

Quando capiranno che questa immensamente scarsa imitazione di un vero giocatore di calcio ha vinto qualcosa solo quando Moggi gli comprava le partite?

basta basta basta non vogliamo vederlo più.. lasciamolo con le donnine invece che sui campi di calcio

Friday, June 23, 2006

Album of the year so far

T-Bone is pure genius. Never been a fan of his solo work that much since now, but I'm not that stupid to not recognize he is probably the best producer of the last 20 years... Lanois who??...

His new album is terrific, tho. Put in shame every Neil Young clown like the recent Neil - Living with War - wanna be or the I wanna be modern - I wanna be U2 - Paul Simon pathetic new album effort.. and anybody else for that matters.

I'll be back about T-Bone hopefully soon but take a tip from one who tried.... dont miss this album. Music is again scaring as it should be.

have a decent weekend everyone - stay warm

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

It was the first day of summer

When I saw Bruce Springsteen in concert for the very first time. It was this day, June 21, 1985. It was the bombastic era of the Born in the Usa maximum Bruce, and it was a great night, expecially coz when I went to the show the album Born in the Usa was unknown to me. It was better, coz the album sucks but live it was just a magic night.

Best moment: a solo version of Can't Help Falling In Love With You, dedicated to the "best audience in the world", as Bruce said, "50,000 angels singing", the italian one.

Great memories, I even spotted Bruce super model then wife that night.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Update from Deutschland

while Germany and UK still have the best national anthems in the world, this world cup is presenting a very poor series of games. Bigges disappointment: Brazil, but no wonder since the brasilian players are more interested in booze, drugs and easy chicks than to really play football.

And for us, well, since we have to support these two useless clowns that are in the teams only because they are in to some very well pay publicity tv ads, what can we do. Everytime there is to show balls (and I dont mean the football ball), they disappear in a fog of shame.

(nice photo, look at Del Piero with big Luciano Moggi gifts still in his hands)

A note to the yankees and expecially to mr Bruce Arena, who wanted a goal with one players beated on the ground and still was protesting even if the goal was not regular: the world cup is not Iraq, so please keep it easy and dont go around beating every moving human being ("This game will be a war", as one of the yankees team said before Italy vs Usa). Wha??

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Are we getting excited?

From rollingstone.com

"We just got a sneak preview of his upcoming album, Modern Times, due out on August 29th. Times, which Dylan produced himself, mixes elements of 2001’s Love and Theft -– blues variations (think “Cry A While”) and whimsical ballads (think “Floater”) -– with the darker, swampier vibe of the Daniel Lanois-produced classics Time Out of Mind and Oh Mercy. Only Dylan’s current touring band plays on the new one: ringing in our ears was the bone-chilling vamp “Ain’t Talkin’”, which may be Dylan’s most powerful album-closing epic ever. Other song titles include “Thunder on the Mountain,” “Spirit on the Water,” “Workingman’s Blues,” “When the Deal Goes Down” and “Neddy Moore.” Before the release of Modern Times, Dylan will be doing another summer tour of minor league ballparks".

I dedicated exactly 30 years of my life to His Bobness, buying my first Dylan album 30 years ago these days, went on the road following him all the way from Dublin to Roma since 1984, writing at least two full books about him and an endless list of articles… and honestly his last 4 years of touring were some kind of embarassing routine to me. That guy have nothing else to give away, me think. But yes, is about songwriting we are talking here, not about live performances.

So the real question is: why I wasnt invited to the pre-listening?

Monday, June 12, 2006

"Keep the music evil"

"Anything can happen at a Brian Jonestown Massacre show. And it usually does. A guitarist may be shoved off the stage; a bottle might get trhown onto the stage by a so-called fan; the last gasp of a vintage amp could delay the show longer than you might think. Bandleader Anton Newcombe - a child of 1967's Summer of Love, may in fact storm off in a rage after one song and disappear into the streets" (from the BJM Retrospective album liner notes).

Virtually unknown here in Italy, the BJM performed a show here last friday and it was probably one of the top five show i ever seen in 30 years of concert going. I went expecting some riots - a week before in London a riot erupted on stage with band members fighting with the roadies, but here the band performed two hours of terrific music (even if at a certain moment Newcombe and a fan exchanged some nice 'why dont you fuck off asshole' words).

It was like witness a young Syd Barrett on stage with the Velvet Underground; no, it was like if the young Byrds were performing with the Joy Division... fuck, it was just a fantastic show. 7 members on stage, including a perfect stoned guy - hey, he was great! he should have eat about a dozen acid pills before the show, looking like a fat smiling liam gallagher... - in front of the stage where usually the band leader stand, just playing a fucking tambourine for two hours and never singing...

great audience too: 16 years old kids, a lot of models-look-a-like girls and some americans too. at the end of the show, Anton came into the floor, invited everyone out in the street and surrounded by about 50 fans he spent about an hour talking with everyone.

He is a genius and a nice fella, like there are no more in today's music scene.

More about this band in the next blog episodes.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

18 nights of Bruce

I saw Bruce Springsteen in concert for the first time in the summer of 1985. Since then, i saw him several times,and everytime i thought it was the best concert ever.

I saw him now with the Seeger Sessions Band and it blew away everything the E Street Band ever done. It was a night of pure magical, like being in a New Orleans wild and crazy carneval, with ghosts, saints and sinners.. and the best audience in the world, the italian one of course.

So even if these videos dont give justice of what a concert of Springsteen is today, i think everyone should check this stuff

  • bruce live
  • The streets of Rome

    Prendiamo al volo la macchina parcheggiata in vicolo della Desolazione, e schizziamo per le strade di Roma, in cerca di un posto ancora aper...

    I più letti