Friday, February 23, 2007

Ian Wallace left the building

The drummer of the original King Crimson line-up died after a long bad disease. He recorded and performed with a hundred of great musicians, but I'll remember him as Bob Dylan's drummer during the 1978 world tour and again during the 1991/92 world tour.

I was lucky enough to talk with him once, during a soundcheck that, strangely enough, was open to the general audience, a nice summer day on the wonderful Cote d'Azur, South of France, before a Bob Dylan show, July 1992.

We were both staring at the shining blue sea in front of us, and I remember him as a true gentleman; when I asked him how different Bob Dylan was those days thinking about the end of the 70s, he just told me. "No difference at all. Bob is always the same". Which it tell clearly how different Bob Dylan is for the musicians tha work with him than for all of us average fans...

Ian Wallace, anyway, is the incarnation of the 70s perfect musician; these photos give a memory of an historical era that is too long gone, as well as his words when talking about touring with Dylan in 1978. In the end, rock'n'roll is suppose to be about having a never ending party...

Q: "Was working with Dylan what you expected - regarding it was the time when Bob embraced Christianity?"

IW: "It was, and more. Actually it was a very hedonistic time. Bob hadn't quite found religion, it was the year before all that went down and we all partied hard! Plus we had our own plane in the States, and our own train in Europe. First class all the way".

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