Wednesday, February 21, 2007

MySpace is kool or The revolution starts now

For ages I thought that all that MySpace business was just another case of kids entertainment only.

So I decided to finally tested myself and of course it could be a kids thing but also is an incredible way for independent artists to promote their music, sending a big fuck off to all the record companies and majors and lawyers and PR men and all that shit, the people who decide what kind of music we have to listen.

Just start your MySpace page (you wont find mine easily hehe...) and start to add a couple of your favourite artists. In a while you will be contacted by tons of young and unknown musicians in search of their glory days. It will be fun: you can listen to them, decide if you want to go further with their music, contact them directly, talk with them and give them a chance. Is like in the old days, when the music was spreading around thanx only to the word of mouth. Today, to give you an idea, i was contacted by a Hong Kong band, another one from Australia and an obscure combo from Minnesota, Usa.

Of course people like Bob Dylan or Bruce Springsteen have their own MySpace (they understood what is the future of music...) but dont expect them to answer you. Keef Richards have an absolutely cool page anyway.

Hey, even dead artists have their own MySpace page: I got to be friend with my hero Gram Parsons, and to think he died more than 30 years ago... we have nice discussions tho.

Anyway, I like to introduce my first discovery, this beautiful girl from Norwich, Uk. Lisa Redford. She is absolutely brilliant and a terrific vocalist: she already have two albums behind her. Visit her MySpace, search for Parrot Records MySpace.

here Lisa:

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