Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Update from Deutschland

while Germany and UK still have the best national anthems in the world, this world cup is presenting a very poor series of games. Bigges disappointment: Brazil, but no wonder since the brasilian players are more interested in booze, drugs and easy chicks than to really play football.

And for us, well, since we have to support these two useless clowns that are in the teams only because they are in to some very well pay publicity tv ads, what can we do. Everytime there is to show balls (and I dont mean the football ball), they disappear in a fog of shame.

(nice photo, look at Del Piero with big Luciano Moggi gifts still in his hands)

A note to the yankees and expecially to mr Bruce Arena, who wanted a goal with one players beated on the ground and still was protesting even if the goal was not regular: the world cup is not Iraq, so please keep it easy and dont go around beating every moving human being ("This game will be a war", as one of the yankees team said before Italy vs Usa). Wha??

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