Friday, November 24, 2006

And the nominations are... (the winner?)

For years, for any Neil Young fan, this recording was what for any Bob Dylan fan the legendary "Royal Albert Hall 1966" bootleg was (which, in fact, as we all know, was recorded at the Free Trade Hall in Manchester and not at the Royal Albert Hall).
The Neil Young bootleg recording of his concert at the Fillmore East in 1970 was widely circulating for decades, as well was the Bob Dylan bootleg: two artists at the peak of their musical power and artistic genius.

Now, the Neil Young and the Crazy Horse at the Fillmore East is out in the official way, as it was for Bob Dylan 1966 concert some years ago.

The sound quality is shocking great, and the devasting force, I'd say the brutal garage violence of Neil Young and his band in the mid of the flower power era, is stunning. "I shot my baby", Neil Young sing while everybody were singing that "music is love" and "put a flower in your hair".

Dark, raw and sonically scaring, this is Neil Young at his best.


Fausto Leali said...

wow, can't wait to listen to this album ! thanks for the post.

Paolo Vites said...

and of course i forgot the immortal words: "Play (this) fucking loud!"

if you can of course... my children wont let me do it

Fausto Leali said...

Oh, my children are exactly like yours, but..two hours driving the car every day going to work... yes I think I'll play it fucking loud !!!

Anonymous said...

I saw neil young when i was 18 or so, in cologne. at the show, i met a guy with beautiful dark curly hair who dried his homegrown weed in the microwave. i went to visit him some time later, we smoked his weed and he made me a dozen neil young tapes or so. to this day, i don't own a single neil young cd, my entire neil young collection is based on old it.

miss u rovi xo

Anonymous said...

Aight, I think I'm convinced, I should get the album.

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