Wednesday, November 08, 2006

That weird old America

The most common slogan used by the Democrats during this mid-term american election was: “The Republicans are not the real America. They are not part of the real people. Thye’re not close to the real people of America”.


Is interesting to note that, to win this election, the Democrats were forced to use as candidates many former Republicans and many Democrats that are against abortion or that are very religious (check Hilary Clinton speeches during this campaign). Why? Because, it seems, the majority of the Americans are still people who believe in certain “traditional” values as religion etc, as the two times victory of George W Bush shows.

Now, you might not like that, but it shows that the Republicans are “the real American people”, you like it or not. The real America is not the imaginary America that the New York Times propaganda is trying to sell from 40 years now, the “Sex and the City” tv soaps kind of America they like so much, the New York Times anti – Christian propaganda that not even the afghan talibans would do (check the recent New York Times attack to the Pope), an imaginary America they want so hard even if the majority of the Americans dont care about it.

Bye bye miss American pie?


Fausto Leali said...

I think you're right.
After all american is still a people having printed "In God We Trust" on the dollar !

Paolo Vites said...

seems i was more right tham what i know when i wrote this blog

i didnt know - when i first wrote That weird old America post - that during the mid term elections, in about every american state there were referendums about gay marriage, abortion etc

while the dem won the election, every one of those referendum was won by the conservative americans: no gay marriage, restriction to abortion etc

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