Sunday, October 27, 2013

New York City Man

- Lewis Allan Reed (Brooklyn, 2 marzo 1942 – Long Island, 27 ottobre 2013)

One fine morning, she heard on a New York station
she couldn't believe what she heard at all
She started dancing to that fine-fine music
her life was saved by rock 'n' roll

Magician Magician take me upon your wings
and ... gently roll the clouds away
I'm sorry so sorry I have no incantations
only words to help sweep me away

I want some magic to sweep me away
I want some magic to sweep me away
I want to count to five
turn around and find myself gone
Fly through the storm
and wake up in the calm

Release me from the body
from this bulk that moves beside me
Let me leave this body far away
I'm sick of looking at me
I hate this painful body
that disease has slowly worm away

Magician take my spirit
inside I'm young and vital
Inside I'm alive please take me away
So many things to do - it's too early
For my life to be ending
For this body to simply rot away

I want some magic to keep me alive
I want a miracle ... I don't want to die
I'm afraid that if I go to sleep I'll never wake
I'll no longer exist
I'll close my eyes and disappear
and float into the mist

Somebody ... please hear me
my hand can't hold a cup of coffee
My fingers are weak - things just fall away
Inside I'm young and pretty
Too many things unfinished
My very breath taken away

Doctor you're no magician - and I am no believer
I need more than faith ... can give me now
I want to believe in miracles - not just belief in numbers
I need some magic to take me away

I want some magic to sweep me away
Visit on this starlit night
replace the stars the moon the light - the sun's gone
Fly me through this storm
and wake up in the calm ...
I fly right through this storm
and ... I ... Wake ... Up ... In ... The ... Calm


andrea said...

...non so cosa dire. Sono triste. Vorrei bruciare le valvole dell'ampli suonando White Light/ Wight Heat.

Tita said...

Mi unisco al tuo saluto.

Fausto Leali said...

Magic and Loss anche nella mia autoradio, stamattina.
What's good Lou? Ti sia lieve la terra.

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