Monday, October 09, 2006

Imagine: a song about nothing

John Lennon said that Imagine might have been the manifesto of the Communist Party. Interesting. To me this song could be the reason why Richard Hell wrote Blank Generation. Only that Hell song is way much better: angry songs says a lot more.
Imagine is a terribile song. Not musically, of course. John Lennon was a musical genius. Is the lyrics that are scaring like hell. The world Lennon is imagining is a blank world, where there is nothing. A world where we are all the same. No difference, no history, no religions, no heaven, nothing of nothing. Surely there will be peace that way: the same peace you get from the kiss of death. When you are asking for nothing, you have a problem. A world where, in order to survive, you better forget who you are. Is from a song like Imagine that the idea of 'multiculturalism' as a big blank space came out. It makes me think of George Orwell’s 1984. The fact that this song is still today the hymn of every good political correct liberal and pacifists, said a lot.
This song reflect in a perfect way what the western world is become since the days when John Lennon wrote this song. A world where there is nothing anymore to live and to die for, where forgetting about life is better than trying to live.
How ironic that a song like Blowin’ in the Wind by Bob Dylan is today almost forgot. Bob was asking the meaning of life, John was simply surrending to life.
Or maybe he was right when he said that Imagine could be the manifesto of the Communist Party: nothing wrong with that, but then somebody made of this song what this song is not.

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Fausto Leali said...

I always thought that Imagine was a bad song, but thinking about me as "politically incorrect"...

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