Sunday, October 15, 2006

Sign on the cross (or the world according to John Lennon)

sometime 'imagin-ation' get over the reality. sometime viceversa.

The other day an hostess for the British Airways was suspended from work and now could get fired because she was wearing a little cross on her neck. Thats against the law of BA: you cant wear any kind of jewelry, they says. Bullshit. You cant wear a cross because you are flying to some islamic country, you might offend the islamic passengers, you will offend the atheist passengers etc etc.

Remember John? 'Imagine no religion... and the world will be as one'.

Sure. A world where you have to hide your face and who you really are "to live in peace". The world according to John Lennon is already a reality.

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Fausto Leali said...

ancora un bel commento, bravo !

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