Thursday, November 12, 2009

A new kind of death

Il titolo a questa poesia dello straordinario songwriter canadese Barzin mi sono preso la libertà di darglielo io. Così come mi sono preso la libertà di riprenderlo dal sito degli amici di Happy Days Are Here Again ( Perché il problema è che il cuore vuole tutto il mondo, nulla gli basta. E la Bellezza, che è sempre così vicina, è anche sempre impossibile da afferrare.

I have sat on leather sofas
waited in waiting rooms
in subways stations.
I have dreamt of limbs
of soft eyes
velvet breasts.

Autumn went by without me
the yellow leaves piling
higher and higher.

I had so much to say then
I had so much to say
yet I saved them for a day like today.
And now
I have forgotten everything

The problem with the heart
is that it wants the world.
It wants everything:
fresh laundry on Sundays
avocados and French baguettes
girls in long leather boots
ruby cunts to kiss
a house to call its own
and Death, yes even Death.
It wants a simple, quiet death.

These days I am distracted
one step behind my deeds
sleeping walking through a fog
thinking too much about loneliness
and as always someone else’s voice has
gotten caught in my thoughts
and I mistake it for my own.

I still fall in love
wherever I go.

Ah, the beauty that is so close to touch
yet always out of reach.

Where is the girl who lay beside me last year?
Whose arms is she in tonight?
Who is picking flowers for her hair?

Maybe I’ll go to Paris.
The city of forgetfulness.
The unreal city.

I am ready for a new kind of death.

© 2009 Barzin


anna said...

fa sapere quando torna da queste parti, sarebbe bello conoscerlo

carlo said...

Cacchio che testo!
Ma fa parte di un suo nuovo album?

Paolo Vites said...

no, è una poesia

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